Crystal Palace 2-1 Tottenham (10.01.2015) Live Commentary

Today we have been witnesses to an entertaining encounter between these two teams. Let’s hope there will not be a decline in the attractiveness in their other games. The home side dominated the game. The home players presented themselves with long passes and crosses into the box. The tactic of the away side, on the other hand, was slow build-up play.
There will be no more action today because the referee signals for the end of the match.
Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) has a good chance to score with a mid-range attempt after collecting a pass. He fires to the right side of the goal, but he can’t generate enough power to trouble Hugo Lloris (Tottenham).
Etienne Capoue (Tottenham) had an opportunity as he fired from long range. His low shot was directed towards the middle of the goal, but Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) was alert and made a comfortable save.
The assistant referee raises his flag. Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) is adjudged offside.
Adlene Guedioura (Crystal Palace) is booked.
Federico Fazio (Tottenham) violates the rules and gets a yellow card.
Fraizer Campbell (Crystal Palace) is yellow-carded for breaking the rules of the game.
Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) zig-zags his way into the box and drills a low shot towards the left post, but the goalkeeper pulls off a superb stop.
The statistics of total shots for both teams – 21:9.
There will be a minimum of 6 min. of added time.
Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) takes the corner kick, but Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) reads it well and stops the effort.
Another attempt to quickly send the ball beyond the defence by Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) is averted and cleared away to safety. Tottenham get a chance to score from a corner kick.
Fraizer Campbell (Crystal Palace) gets on the end of a pass and takes a shot from the edge of the box, but it’s blocked by one of the defending players.
Anthony Taylor blows the whistle. Danny Rose (Tottenham) committed a foul when he hit the opponent’s legs instead of the ball.
Substitution. Fraizer Campbell (Crystal Palace) receives a signal from the referee and is now allowed to enter the pitch as Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) walks off.
Harry Kane (Tottenham) connected with a pass around the edge of the box, aimed and struck. His attempt went in the direction of the left-hand post, but Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) was alert and didn’t let the score change.
Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) weaves his way through opponents and strikes the ball from the edge of the area, but it is blocked by a defender.
An accurate cross finds its way to Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) who hits the ball with a bullet header from just outside the box. The goalkeeper saves the ball flying to the bottom left corner.
Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) swings in the corner kick, but one of the defenders leaps into the air and clears the ball away with a header.
Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) can’t slip the ball through and the move breaks down. The main referee and his assistant both point at the corner flag. Tottenham will have an opportunity to endanger the opposition’s goal.
Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) takes the corner but it has been cleared.
Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) connects with a pass but sees a shot from the edge of the box blocked. Tottenham have a corner.
Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) gets to the ball on the edge of the box and fires a first-time shot without any hesitation. The way that he hits the ball is excellent as it goes straight into the bottom right corner. Was there any chance to do it better? Probably not. 2:1.
Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) is able to continue to play.
Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) is lying on the ground after previous challenge and the medical team is called to help him.
Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) kept mouthing off to the referee until Anthony Taylor lost patience and pulled out a yellow card.
Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) with the corner, but it is intercepted by the defender.
Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) didn’t find any of his teammates inside the box as his pass was blocked. The main referee points to the corner flag, Crystal Palace will take a corner.
Mauricio Pochettino decides to make a substitution. Benjamin Stambouli is going off the pitch and Roberto Soldado (Tottenham) is coming on.
Harry Kane (Tottenham) is adjudged offside.
Harry Kane (Tottenham) produces a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as the opposition player cuts him out.
Damien Delaney (Crystal Palace) is moving again okay after that injury scare.
A substitution is prepared. Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) is leaving the pitch, and Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) is coming on as a substitute.
The game is interrupted now, Damien Delaney (Crystal Palace) picks up a knock and the physio has to come.
Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) puts a cross into the box from the free kick, but the defender gets there first.
Anthony Taylor couldn’t ignore the harsh tackle of Martin Kelly (Crystal Palace) and blew the whistle. Tottenham with a free kick.
Substitution. Andros Townsend (Tottenham) makes way for Etienne Capoue (Tottenham).
Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) steps up to take the penalty and leaves the keeper helpless with his low shot inside the left post.
Benjamin Stambouli (Tottenham) jumps into tackle, but Anthony Taylor blows his whistle for a foul. It’s a penalty! Great chance to score for Crystal Palace!
Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) put a cross into the box which wasn’t a bad decision, but he failed to achieve what he wanted as none of his teammates managed to meet it.
Joel Ward (Crystal Palace) gets to the rebound outside the box and doesn’t hesitate to fire on goal. It was a promising attempt, but one of the defending players got in its way and blocked it.
Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) launches the ball from the resulting corner, but one of the defenders is first to the ball and averts the threat.
Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) attempts to find his teammate with a pass from outside the box, but the opposition’s defence is quick to react and thwarts the attack. The ball goes out-of-play. Crystal Palace have been awarded a corner kick.
Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) looks to break free, but an opposing player clears.
The attendance for today’s match is 24193.
Adlene Guedioura (Crystal Palace) receives a reproachful look from his teammates after he attempted to surprise the goalkeeper with a shot from long distance. The ball flew far wide of the right post.
Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) times his run too early, and the assistant referee raises his flag, offside. The opposition will take an indirect free kick.
Benjamin Stambouli (Tottenham) takes his opponent down and has been booked. That was a really nasty challenge, and he can be glad it is not a red card.
Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) clutches his head in despair after he blew a huge opportunity! He received the ball from the free kick, took a good first touch and unleashed a projectile from close range to the right side of the goal, but Hugo Lloris makes a nice save.
Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) is going to send the ball from the free kick.
Rough tackle by Danny Rose (Tottenham). The referee blows his whistle for a foul. Crystal Palace are awarded a free kick.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) makes a foul. At least that’s what referee Anthony Taylor signals.
Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) gets a well deserved ovation! Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) produces a decent first-time strike towards the middle of the goal, but the goalkeeper is positioned well to block it. Nice piece of goalkeeping skills.
Brilliant finish! Harry Kane (Tottenham) perfectly collected a pass on the edge of the penalty area, which came from Nacer Chadli (Tottenham), and he produced a nice strike into the bottom left corner. The score is 0:1.
Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) decides to strike the ball towards goal, but his effort fails to threaten the goalkeeper after being blocked by one of the defenders.
Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace) launches a cross from the corner, but Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) is alert to thwart the effort.
James McArthur (Crystal Palace) tries to send a pass but it’s blocked. Corner kick. Crystal Palace will have an opportunity.
The game is over for Barry Bannan (Crystal Palace). Adlene Guedioura (Crystal Palace) comes on for the second half.
The whistle blows and Anthony Taylor starts the second half.
There has not been much to choose between the sides after an absorbing 45 minutes, let’s hope they will do better in the second period. Even first half from both sides, and they’ve both had chances. The home players present themselves with long passes and crosses into the box. The tactic of the away side, on the other hand, is slow build-up play.
The referee blows his whistle to end the first half, so the players are now heading to their dressing rooms.
Martin Kelly (Crystal Palace) collects a pass and strikes from about 22 metres out. It’s a poor attempt which flies well over the bar.
This yellow card was deserved. The tackle by Scott Dann (Crystal Palace) was quite harsh and Anthony Taylor didn’t hesitate to show him a yellow card.
1 additional min. will be played.
Harry Kane (Tottenham) dispossess an opponent of the ball with but is penalised for a foul. The referee blows his whistle and stops the game.
The ball is cleared after Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) attempted to dribble past an opposing player.
Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) is caught offside!
Barry Bannan (Crystal Palace) has tested the patience of referee Anthony Taylor and goes into the book for a previous late challenge.
Damien Delaney (Crystal Palace) leaps highest to connect with a perfect corner kick and produces a header from the edge of the box. The ball flies towards the left post, but the goalkeeper pulls off an easy save.
Barry Bannan (Crystal Palace) takes the corner.
Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) pulls off a great save to deny Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) who makes himself some space inside the box and unleashes a quick low drive towards the middle of the goal. The ball is out-of-play. Crystal Palace will have a chance to score from a corner.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) and one of his opponents battle for the ball and Danny Rose (Tottenham) commits an attacking foul.
Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) takes the resulting corner which is averted.
Harry Kane (Tottenham) aims a lovely cross into the penalty area. Nevertheless, the opponent’s defence is alert and averts the danger with a brilliant clearance. The referee signals for a corner kick, Tottenham are awarded.
Andros Townsend (Tottenham) swings in a cross from the corner, but Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) reads it well and gathers the ball.
Andros Townsend (Tottenham) floats the ball in from the corner which is intercepted. Tottenham have been awarded a corner kick.
The goalkeeper doesn’t have to worry about this one. Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) is alert and has a clear vision to thwart a through ball from Danny Rose (Tottenham). The main referee and one of his assistants signal for a corner kick. It will be taken by Tottenham.
Federico Fazio (Tottenham) was too harsh with his tackle which made Anthony Taylor interrupt the game and signal for a set piece.
Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) meets a cross on the edge of the box and gets his head on the ball, but it goes by a whisker wide of the left post.
Benjamin Stambouli (Tottenham) swings a cross into the box, but is far too close to Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace), who smothers the ball.
Damien Delaney (Crystal Palace) fires the ball on goal, but he sends it into the orbit.
Andros Townsend (Tottenham) earns the yellow card. Very obvious holding by Andros Townsend (Tottenham). The referee immediately stopped the play for a foul.
Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) clips a neat ball into the box in the direction of James McArthur (Crystal Palace), whose header from the centre of the box goes narrowly over the crossbar.
Kyle Walker (Tottenham) slides a brilliant pass to Christian Eriksen (Tottenham), who takes a shot from inside the box but it goes by a whisker wide of the right post.
Joe Ledley (Crystal Palace) didn’t hesitate to knock his opponent down with a harsh sliding tackle. Anthony Taylor could probably show him a yellow, but he only goes with blowing the whistle for a foul.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) seems to be alright and is okay to carry on.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) is asking for treatment. He will have to receive medical help off the pitch.
Harry Kane (Tottenham) fashions a shot from the edge of the box after receiving an accurate pass. Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) makes a stunning save and denies his effort which is headed for the bottom right corner.
Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) was too aggressive in his challenge. The referee blows his whistle.
Tottenham seem to be finding their feet as they enjoy some possession. Great movement by offensive players allows those more defensive to build up the attack.
A lofted cross from Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) was unsuccessful as the opponent’s defence quickly gets the ball out of the penalty area.
Glenn Murray (Crystal Palace) is adjudged to have been offside when making his run.
A more precise finish was all that was needed for this set play to become successful. Barry Bannan (Crystal Palace) received the ball far out and fired a goal-bound projectile which goes only inches over the bar.
Anthony Taylor blows the whistle. Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) brings one of his opponents down with a harsh tackle. Crystal Palace will take a free kick.
Moussa Dembele (Tottenham) makes a yard for himself and goes for goal from long range. It never troubles the goalkeeper as it flies well wide of the left post.
Anthony Taylor calls for a foul. Dwight Gayle (Crystal Palace) comitted a foul as he was too aggressive in the battle for the ball.
A cross from the side of the pitch flies into the box, but it doesn’t reach its intended target. Danny Rose (Tottenham) would have to aim better in order to get more out of it.
The first half of today’s match is starting right now.
The players are out and the match is about to start. Tottenham will have the kick-off.
Anthony Taylor was nominated as a referee for this game.
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